ALFAGEN, Your Long-Term Partner In Life-Science

Innovative Life Science Manufacturer for Over 30 Years

Since 1990, Scientific Specialties has focused on bringing innovative, high-quality plasticware to life science. Our founder and CEO is a Ph.D. Biochemist who understands the specific needs and challenges of laboratory research and incorporates that knowledge into products that make your work easier and more successful.
Because of our commitment to innovation and quality, laboratories around the world have come to rely on our plastic consumables for everyday research as well as ground-breaking discoveries.

An Experienced and Capable Manufacturing Partner You Can Trust

Made in USA
Every Product is proudly maufacturerd in the USA.

Purity Assured
Products are certified free of detectable RNase DNase, DNA, PCR inhibitors, and tested pyrogen-free. Sterile product is certified pyrogen-free.

Product is fully compliant with recycling standards.

Where specified, products may be steralized at 121C and 15 psi for 15 minutes.

Our processes are controlled under a certified ISO-9001:2015 quality assurance system. From the initial concept of a product to its finished form, we control all aspects of the design, production and quality in our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, located in Lodi, California. We are one of the few producers of laboratory plastics still manufacturing in the USA—an important distinction between SSIbio and other brands.

All products are manufactured in our 11,300 square-meter (122,000 square-foot) facility. This includes 3,700 square meters of dedicated clean, climate-controlled industrial space—of which, 1,500 square meters meet or exceed ISO 8 / Class 100,000 standards. This ensures that all production and packaging are performed in an environment that meets rigid cleanroom specifications.
Quality injection molding, coupled with the integration of robotics, and our rigorous QA/QC processes demonstrate our commitment to excellence and guarantee product that is uniform, pure, and worthy of your trust.

At Scientific Specialties, we know that having a reliable partner is important to our success. That is why we have built a business on also being the right partner to our customers. As a privately-held entity, we are able to make decisions and invest in equipment and other innovations to be more productive and responsive to the needs of our customers.

Eight design patents attest to our passion for innovation and are incorporated in daily-use laboratory products that enhance or simplify user experience.

Press-to-Open Rack Lid enables easy one-handed operation.

Triple-Interwell Linkages and Angled Caps revolutionized strip tubes, resulting in less spillage and more research.

Pipette tip grid with lock mechanism facilitates easy reloading of empty racks.


Every production lot is quality tested for physical and chemical compliance to rigorous standards in our well-equipped, state-of-the-art quality assurance laboratory.
All shipments carry the manufacturing lot number so that, in the unlikely event of a problem, the code can be traced back to the exact production date and the very mold that was used to produce the part to ensure no further issues exist.

Purity & Clarity

Our commitment to high-quality plastics has made us a leader in PCR consumables where optical clarity and purity are critical, and is evident in all of our other products as well. You can be assured that every consumable product you purchase from SSIbio will be free of detectable DNase, RNase, DNA, and PCR inhibitors and, for those products which are sterile, we employ E-beam sterilization to eliminate pyrogens and ensure absolute purity.

It all starts with the right resin. At SSIbio, we use high-clarity, ultra-pure polypropylene that meets FDA 21 CFR 177.1520 and USP Class VI.

ISO 8, Class 100,000 Cleanroom Production

All products are manufactured in our 11,300 square-meter (122,000 square-foot) facility. This includes 3,700 square meters of dedicated clean, climate-controlled industrial space—of which, 1,500 square meters will be formally certified to ISO 8 / Class 100,000 standards. This ensures that all production and packaging are performed in an environment that meets rigid cleanroom specifications.


All products are required to pass rigorous laboratory testing before sale. A Certificate of Conformity and Analysis is available that defines the testing protocols followed. This is your guarantee of quality and satisfaction.
All processes—from design to production and packaging—are controlled under a certified ISO-9001:2015 Quality Assurance system.
The use of automated inline robotics, vacuum testing, and optical inspection identifies and eliminates non-conforming product.

Signature Innovative Brands for Extraordinary Research:

UltraFlux® PCR Tubes and Plates offering innovative designs that improve the PCR process and deliver reliable results.
Vertex® Pipette Tips featuring proprietary NoStick resin for the highest level of liquid handling performance.
SureSeal® Screw Cap Microtubes for the safe storage and transport of important solutions. Find the perfect tube and cap combination.
Pirouet™ Centifuge Tubes manufactured from virgin polypropylene for highest clarity and maximum sample recovery.
CryoFreeze® Cryogenic Storage Tubes and Racks for extreme storage conditions as low as -196°C.
Citadel™ HTS Products that provide a secure environment for sample storage or reaction.
Flipper® Innovative Racks that provide researchers with greater flexibility on the bench without managing multiple racks.
IsoFreeze® Color-Changing Racks visually indicate when sample temperatures are approaching ambient conditions.


Individual Tubes
Capless Dome
Cap Flat
Cap Frosted
Flat Cap

Strip Tubes & Caps
SnapStrip® Strip Tubes
UltraFlux® i Strip Tubes
UltraFlux® z Strip Tubes
Separate Strip Caps
Separate Strip TubesCorbett®-Type


Plate Sealing
Film & Foil
Reusable Mat


Low-Retention Tips
Racked, Non-Filtered
Racked, Filtered
Bulk Non-Filtered
Bulk Filtered

EcoPac® Reloads
Cleanroom Filtered
Cleanroom Non-Filtered

Multi-Volume XL Tips
Racked Non-Filtered XL

Racked Filtered XL
Bulk Non-Filtered XL

LTS®-Compatible Tips
Racked Non-Filtered LTS®
Racked Filtered LTS®
LTS® EcoPac® Reloads

Value Tips
Racked Value
Bulk Value
Cleanroom Value

Wide Bore Tips
Racked Non-Filtered Wide Bore
Racked Filtered Wide BoreBulk
Non-Filtered Wide Bore

Macro Volume Tips
Racked Non-Filtered Macro
Racked Filtered Macro
Bulk Non-Filtered Macro
Bulk Filtered Macro

Gel-Loading Tips
Racked Non-Filtered GL
Racked Filtered GL
Bulk Non-Filtered GL

Robotic Tips
Non-Filtered Robotic
Filtered Robotic


Standard Microcentrifuge
Sterile Microcentrifuge
NoStick® Microcentrifuge
Capless Centrifuge
5 mL Centrifuge
15 & 50 mL Centrifuge
Tube Accessories

Screw Cap Microtubes
0.5 mL Microtubes
1.5 mL Microtubes
2.0 mL Microtubes
GripSeal® Caps
Standard Caps
Standard Cap & Tube Combos
Tethered Cap & Tube Combos


Cryogenic Tubes
Externally-Threaded Cap & Tube
Internally-Threaded Cap & Tube
Cap Inserts

Cryogenic Racks
Storage Racks


Deep-Well Plates
240 µL Plates
1.1 mL Plates
2 mL Plates

12-Channel Reservoir

Plate Sealing

Cluster Tubes
Strips of 8
Strips of 12

Cluster Cap Strips
Strips of 8
Strips of 12

Rack Systems
Racks with Individual Tubes
Racks with 8-Strip Tubes
Racks with 12-Strip Tubes


4-Way Flipper
4-Way Flipper With Tray

32-Place Junior

IsoFreeze PCR
IsoFreeze PCR, SBS
IsoFreeze MCT
IsoFreeze Flipper

Specialty Racks
15 & 50 mL Tube

Microcentrifuge Storage

CryoFreeze® Storage

PCR WorkUp