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By delivering cutting-edge array technologies, high-performance single protein analysis tools, and quality-focused services, RayBiotech speeds up our customers’ success.

Enabling scientists to quickly and confidently discover more

While the sequencing of the human genome made it possible for researchers to analyze the expression of a myriad of disease-related genes at high-throughput, these efforts fail to capture the important features of the many diseases which result from abnormal protein expression, post-translational modification, or interaction with other biomolecules. Thus, genomics approaches alone cannot provide a complete understanding of the molecular basis of disease. Ultimately, efficient, high-throughput protein analysis is also required for building a complete picture of disease states and developing the prognostics, diagnostics, and therapeutics needed to ensure health.

In 2001, RayBiotech addressed this need by introducing the first commercially available cytokine antibody array. Since then, we’ve continued to innovate around both multiplex and individual protein detection and quantification, creating products that deliver accurate, precise, and sensitive measurements while also conserving limited samples.

We’ve expanded these innovations to include hundreds of arrays, immunoassays, and related reagents for efficient analysis of proteins involved in inflammation, angiogenesis, apoptosis, cell growth, and signal transduction.

We also enable scientists to efficiently and confidently discover more through a comprehensive suite of services, which leverage the scientific expertise used to develop our innovative platforms to advance scientific projects outside of RayBiotech.

Our mission

Advancing Discovery By Developing Innovative, Reliable Research Tools For The Post-Genomic Age

RayBiotech’s mission is to provide cutting-edge array technologies that accelerate the discovery of disease-related protein biomarkers and key factors, the identification of new drug targets, and the advancement of personalized medicine.

Since its founding in 2001, RayBiotech has grown from its humble origins to a company with over 150 employees and a 35,000 sq ft facility in Peachtree Corners, Georgia. With GMP, GLP and ISO 13485 certifications and an ever growing offering of products and services, RayBiotech will continue to accelerate scientific insight for many years to come.


From Inspiration To Innovation

RayBiotech was founded in 2001 to commercialize the antibody array technology developed by Ruo-Pan Huang, MD. PhD., when he was a Professor at Emory University in the Department of Gynecology.

Inspired by the multiplexing efficiency of DNA arrays, he wanted a similar time- and labor-saving technology to replace the single target western blotting and ELISA studies his own students and postdocs were doing. With no commercially available solutions, he and his lab developed their own multiplex protein analysis tool—a protein array.

Today’s Industry Leader In Antibody and Protein Array Technology
Since that time the RayBiotech team has continued to innovate, developing products like Quantibody Multiplex ELISA Arrays that bring together sensitivity, multiplex quantification, and sample conservation. We’ve also added comprehensive service programs that enable outside organizations to benefit from the extensive experience we’ve built up over the years we’ve been in business.

Commitment to quality

RayBiotech is committed to providing the highest quality products and services to its customers and maintains medical device certification to ISO 13485 requirements as a part of these efforts.

This applies to our production facility and testing services facility and adds to our compliance with GLP/GMP FDA regulations. As we look to the future, RayBiotech will continue to ensure that our products and testing services maintain and exceed this high standard of quality through our continuous improvement program.

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