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SAICAR-d is the deuterium labeled SAICAR. SAICAR is an intermediate of de novo purine nucleotide biosynthesis, activates pyruvate kinase isoform M2 (PKM2) in an isozyme-selective manner, with an EC50 of 0.3 mM. SAICAR stimulates PKM2 and promotes cancer cell survival in glucose-limited conditions[1][2].–Applications-Metabolism-sugar/lipid metabolism-Formula-C13H18DN4O12P-Citation–References-[1]Keller KE, et al. SAICAR stimulates pyruvate kinase isoform M2 and promotes cancer cell survival in glucose-limited conditions. Science. 2012 Nov 23;338(6110):1069-72. |[2]Keller KE, et al. SAICAR induces protein kinase activity of PKM2 that is necessary for sustained proliferative signaling of cancer cells. Mol Cell. 2014 Mar 6;53(5):700-9. |[3]Russak EM, et al. Impact of Deuterium Substitution on the Pharmacokinetics of Pharmaceuticals. Ann Pharmacother. 2019;53(2):211-223.-CASNumber–MolecularWeight-455.29-Compound Purity–SMILES-O=C(O)C[C@@H](C(O)=O)NC(C1=C(N)N([C@H]2[C@@H]([C@@H]([C@@H]([C@H]([2H])OP(O)(O)=O)O2)O)O)C=N1)=O-Research_Area-Metabolic Disease-Solubility-10 mM in DMSO-Target-Endogenous Metabolite-Isoform–Pathway-Metabolic Enzyme/Protease-MCE Product type-Isotope-Labeled Compounds