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RNase A, bovine pancreas-50 mg

50 mg

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Ribonuclease A (EC cleaves RNA 3′ to pyrimidines and actively cleaves RNA at every pyrimidine residue. Ribonuclease A catalyzes the hydrolysis of single stranded RNA in the absence of metal ions or cofactors[1][2][3].–20°C-Applications–Formula-N/A-Citation–References-[1]Thakur P, et al. Locating chemical modifications in RNA sequences through ribonucleases and LC-MS based analysis. Methods Enzymol. 2021;658:1-24.|[2]Brown D, Pasloske BL. Ribonuclease-resistant RNA controls and standards. Methods Enzymol. 2001;341:648-54.|[3]Wallace JA, Shen JK. Predicting pKa values with continuous constant pH molecular dynamics. Methods Enzymol. 2009;466:455-75.-CASNumber-9001-99-4-MolecularWeight-N/A-Compound Purity–SMILES-[RNase A, bovine pancreas]-Research_Area-Others-Solubility-H2O : 100 mg/mL (ultrasonic)-Target-Others-Isoform–Pathway-Others-MCE Product type-Enzyme