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Quinaprilat-d5-1 mg

1 mg

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Quinaprilat-d5 is a deuterium-labeled Quinaprilat. Quinaprilat is a nonsulfhydryl ACE inhibitor, the active diacid metabolite of Quinapril. Quinaprilat specifically blocks the conversion of angiotensin I to the vasoconstrictor angiotensin II and inhibits bradykinin degradation. Quinaprilat primarily acts as a vasodilator, decreasing total peripheral and renal vascular resistance[1].–20°C, 3 years; 4°C, 2 years (Powder)-Applications–Formula-C23H21D5N2O5-Citation–References-[1]Haodan Yuan, et al. Renal organic anion transporter-mediated drug-drug interaction between gemcabene and quinapril. J Pharmacol Exp Ther. 2009 Jul;330(1):191-7. doi: 10.1124/jpet.108.149476. Epub 2009 Apr 6.|[2]Sinisa Stanisavljevic, et al. Angiotensin I-converting enzyme inhibitors block protein kinase C epsilon by activating bradykinin B1 receptors in human endothelial cells. J Pharmacol Exp Ther. 2006 Mar;316(3):1153-8.|[3]Kieback AG, et al. Quinaprilat: a review of its pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, toxicological data and clinical application. Expert Opin Drug Metab Toxicol. 2009;5(10):1337-1347. -CASNumber-1279034-23-9-MolecularWeight-415.49-Compound Purity–SMILES-C([C@@H](N[C@@H](CCC1=C(C(=C(C(=C1[2H])[2H])[2H])[2H])[2H])C(O)=O)C)(=O)N2[C@H](C(O)=O)CC=3C(C2)=CC=CC3-Research_Area-Cardiovascular Disease-Solubility-10 mM in DMSO-Target-Angiotensin-converting Enzyme (ACE)-Isoform–Pathway-Metabolic Enzyme/Protease-MCE Product type-Isotope-Labeled Compounds