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Potoroo cell lines

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categories-Potoroo cell lines-cryovial-organism-Potoroo-tissue-Kidney-disease–synonyms-Pt K2 (NBL-5), NBL-5, Pt-K2, PTK-2, Ptk-2, PTK 2, PtK 2, PTK2, Pt K2, Ptk2, Potorous tridactylus Kidney 2-age-Adult-gender-Male-ethnicity–morphology-Epithelial-like-cellType–growth Properties-Monolayer, adherent-PtK2 (CLS catalog number 608316)-biosafety Level-1-cultureMedium-RPMI 1640-mediumSupplements-10% FBS, 2 mM L-glutamine, 1 mM sodium pyruvate-subculturing-Remove medium and rinse the adherent cells using PBS without calcium and magnesium (3-5 ml PBS for T25, 5-10ml for T75 cell culture flasks). Add Accutase (1-2ml per T25, 2.5ml per T75 cell culture flask), the cell sheet must be covered completely. Incubate at ambient temperature for 10 minutes. Carefully resuspend the cells with medium (10 ml), centrifuge for 3 min at 300 g, resuspend cells in fresh medium and dispense into new flasks which contain fresh medium.-freezeMedium-CM-ACF (CLS catalog number 800650)