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NucleoSpin RNA, Mini kit for RNA purification


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Technical Data:

Mini spin kit for isolation of RNA of highest integrity

Selling unit:  10 Prep(s), 50 Prep(s), 250 Prep(s)
Application:  Isolation of RNA
Target:  RNA
CE certified:  No, research use only
Technology : Silica membrane technology
Brand:  NucleoSpin
Format:  Mini prep
Handling:  Centrifugation, vacuum
Lysate clarification:  Centrifugation, NucleoSpin Filter
Automated use:  No
Sample material:  Animal tissue, Bacteria, Cells, Human tissue, Yeast
Sample amount:  < 5 x 10⁶ cultured cells, < 30 mg human / animal tissue, < 10⁹ bacterial cells, < 10⁸ yeast cells
Fragment size:  > 200 nt
Typical yield: 14 µg (10⁶ HeLa cells), 70 µg (10⁹ bacterial cells)
Theoretical binding capacity:  200 µg
Typical purity:  A260/A280 1.9–2.1
Typical:  RIN > 9
Elution volume:  30–120 µL
Preparation time: 35 min/6 preps
Typical downstream application:  RNA-Seq, RT−PCR
Storage temperature: 15−25 °C
Shelf life (from production): 24 Month(s)
Hazardous material: Yes