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NNZ 2591-100 mg

100 mg

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NNZ 2591 is a synthetic analogue of a small peptide of cyclic glycine proline (cGP). NNZ 2591 shows orally active and cross the blood-brain barrier. NNZ 2591 shows neuroprotective after ischemic brain injury. NNZ 2591 improves motor function in a rat model of Parkinson’s disease. NNZ 2591 has the potential for the research of ischemic brain injury and angelman syndrome[1][2][3].–20°C, 3 years; 4°C, 2 years (Powder)–Neuroscience-Neurodegeneration–C10H14N2O2—-[1]Guan J, et al. NNZ-2591, a novel diketopiperazine, prevented scopolamine-induced acute memory impairment in the adult rat. Behav Brain Res. 2010 Jul 11;210(2):221-8.|[2]Guan J, et al. Peripheral administration of a novel diketopiperazine, NNZ 2591, prevents brain injury and improves somatosensory-motor function following hypoxia-ischemia in adult rats. Neuropharmacology. 2007 Nov;53(6):749-62.|[3]Copping NA, et al. Emerging Gene and Small Molecule Therapies for the Neurodevelopmental Disorder Angelman Syndrome. Neurotherapeutics. 2021 Jul;18(3):1535-1547.–847952-38-9–194.23–99.98–C=CC[C@@]12N(CCC2)C(CNC1=O)=O–Neurological Disease–DMSO : 18.75 mg/mL (ultrasonic)–Others—-Others–Peptides