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Lactate oxidase, Microorganism-500 U

500 U

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Lactate oxidase (EC belongs to a group of FMN-dependent enzymes and they catalyze a conversion of lactate to pyruvate with a release of hydrogen peroxide. Lactate oxidase can be used in the detection of Lactate[1].–20°C-Applications–Formula-N/A-Citation–References-[1]Ashok Y, et al. FMN-dependent oligomerization of putative lactate oxidase from Pediococcus acidilactici. PLoS One. 2020 Feb 24;15(2):e0223870.-CASNumber-9028-72-2-MolecularWeight-N/A-Compound Purity-90.00-SMILES-[Lactate oxidase, Microorganism]-Research_Area-Others-Solubility-H2O : 10 mg/mL (ultrasonic)-Target-Others-Isoform–Pathway-Others-MCE Product type-Enzyme