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Human α-Thrombin-50 U

50 U

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Human α-thrombin is a multifunctional serine protease that plays a pivotal role in the coagulation pathway. Human α-thrombin cleaves fibrinogen and converts it into fibrin. Human α-thrombin can stimulate platelet activation and stabilize fibrin polymers[1].–20°C-Applications-Neuroscience-Neuromodulation-Formula-N/A-Citation–References-[1]Troisi R, et, al. Molecular dynamics simulations of human α-thrombin in different structural contexts: evidence for an aptamer-guided cooperation between the two exosites. J Biomol Struct Dyn. 2021 Apr;39(6):2199-2209. -CASNumber-9002-04-4-MolecularWeight-N/A-Compound Purity–SMILES-[Human a-Thrombin]-Research_Area-Cardiovascular Disease-Solubility-10 mM in DMSO-Target-Thrombin-Isoform–Pathway-Metabolic Enzyme/Protease-MCE Product type-Enzyme