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Abemaciclib metabolite M18-d8-5 mg

5 mg

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Abemaciclib metabolite M18-d8 is the deuterium labeled Abemaciclib metabolite M18. Abemaciclib metabolite M18 (LSN3106729), the metabolite of Abemaciclib (HY-16297A), is a CDK inhibitor with antitumor activity. Abemaciclib metabolite M18 and a CRBN ligand have been used to design PROTAC CDK4/6 degrader[1][2].–20°C (Powder, sealed storage, away from moisture and light)-Applications-Cancer-Kinase/protease-Formula-C25H20D8F2N8O-Citation–References-[1]Russak EM, et al. Impact of Deuterium Substitution on the Pharmacokinetics of Pharmaceuticals. Ann Pharmacother. 2019;53(2):211-216. |[2]Nathanael Gray, et al. Degradation of cyclin-dependent kinase 4/6 (cdk4/6) by conjugation of cdk4/6 inhibitors with e3 ligase ligand and methods of use. WO2017185031A1.|[3]Edward S. Kim, et al. Abemaciclib in Combination with Single-Agent Options in Patients with Stage IV Non–Small Cell Lung Cancer: A Phase Ib Study.-CASNumber–MolecularWeight-502.59-Compound Purity-99.87-SMILES-FC(C=N1)=C(C2=CC(N(C(C)C)C(CO)=N3)=C3C(F)=C2)N=C1NC4=NC=C(C=C4)CN5C([2H])([2H])C([2H])([2H])NC([2H])([2H])C5([2H])[2H]-Research_Area-Cancer-Solubility-DMSO : 32 mg/mL (ultrasonic)-Target-CDK;Ligands for Target Protein for PROTAC-Isoform–Pathway-Cell Cycle/DNA Damage;PROTAC-MCE Product type-Isotope-Labeled Compounds