ALFAGEN, Your Long-Term Partner In Life-Science

Founded in 2010, MaestroGen is a biotech instrument company headquartered in Taiwan.

Starting from innovation, MaestroGen develops and offers a wide variety of products including spectrophotometer, DNA and protein ladder, transilluminator, gel documentation system and other innovative research tools.

MaestroGen’s products are currently being sold in many countries worldwide. With core expertise as the leading manufacturer of biotech products, MaestroGen combines its innovative technologies with specialization applications in life sciences and molecular biology.

MaestroGen offers a wide range of products from basic entry-level to advanced multi-functional systems. Systems are configured to fit your applications and budget requirements.

Corporate Culture:

Effectively create new concepts and take them to success.

 Customer Satisfaction:
Anticipate customer needs and exceed expectations.

Deliver consistently superior performance and pursue every possible improvement.

Fully leverage global value networks and collaborate to achieve mutual goals.

Identify emerging trends and act quickly to capture new opportunities.


Gel Documentation System
DNA Ladder, Protein Ladder
DNA Stain, Loading Dye
UV Lamp
UV Sterilizer