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Genscript Biotech Corporation (the “Company” or “GenScript”, together with its subsidiaries, the “Group”) is a well-recognised biotechnology company. Based on our proprietary gene synthesis technology and the other technology and know-hows on life-science research and application, we have four well established major platforms including (i) a leading life-science services and products platform to provide one-stop solutions to global research communities, (ii) a biologics contract development and manufacturing organization (the “CDMO”) platform, (iii) an industrial synthetic products platform, and (iv) an integrated global cell therapy platform. The above four internally built platforms have demonstrated their strong growth from research and development to commercial delivery for year ended December 31, 2020 respectively. 

The Group has been inspired by the mission “Make People and Nature Healthier through Biotechnology” since it was founded 18 years ago. Our clients’ business need is the Group’s first priority and the ultimate cornerstone for pursuing its long term development. We have been improving our clients’ competitiveness through providing our superior quality, fast-delivery and cost-effective services and products. Internally, we focus on streamlining our operational workflows and procedures with the aim to strive for the highest quality of end-to-end delivery. Externally, we actively promote the value of strategic collaboration with business partners with the vision to build up a healthy biotech eco-system. We would like to contribute more of our efforts to speed up the evolution of the whole biotech and biopharma industry, to realize multi-win among all the participating partners in this industry.

  • CRISPR Products

  • GeCKO / SAM Libraries

  • Antibodies

  • Protein Analysis

  • Stable Cell Lines

  • GPCR

  • Molecular Biology

  • PCR Reagents

  • GenBuilder Cloning kit

  • Plasmid Purification

  • Product Sourcing and Support

  • Endotoxin Detection and Removal SystemServing for Peptides and Chemicals.

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