SafeView Classic

SafeView Classic

1.0 ml

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SafeView™ Classic is a new and safe nucleic acid stain for the visualization of nucleic acids in agarose and polyacrylamide gels. This dye eliminates the need for toxic Ethidium Bromide (EtBr, a potent mutagen), commonly used in gel electrophoresis.


  • Easy to Use: SafeView™ Classic directly replaces EtBr. View and document your results as you would with EtBr staining. SafeView™ Classic can be viewed under UV light or blue light.
  • Safe: Non-carcinogenic.
  • Sensitive: Detect as little as 0.1 – 0.3 ng of DNA per gel band.
SKU G108
SafeView Series Gel Casting Dye
LED Viewer Compatibility Yes
Stain Color Green
Applications Safe Detection of dsDNA, ssDNA and RNA in agarose and polyacrylamide gels.
Note All SafeView DNA Stains are ISO-13485 certified.

Dispose of SafeView DNA Stains as you would any other non-carcinogenic fluorescent dye (eg. Acridine orange; Propidium iodide).

Shipping Conditions Shipped on blue ice packs.
Storage Condition Store at 4°C for up to 2 years.
Unit quantity 1.0 ml


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