Loading Control Monoclonal Antibody Sampler Kit

Loading Control Monoclonal Antibody Sampler Kit

100µl, receive a great discount for all items together!

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Histone H3 – bsm-33042M
PCNA – bsm-33035M
GAPDH – bsm-0978M
ß-Actin – bsm-33036M
COX4 – bsm-33037M
Goat Anti-Mouse IgG Polyclonal Antibody, HRP Conjugated – bs-0296G-HRP

The Loading Control Monoclonal Antibody Sampler Kit contains monoclonal antibodies to several housekeeping proteins. Loading controls are essential for the interpretation of western blot data. Loading control antibodies allow the verification of equal protein loading between samples. Ideal loading controls are expressed constitutively and at high levels with low variability between cell lines and experimental conditions. The loading control should be at a different molecular weight than the protein of interest this allows the bands to be visually distinguishable.


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