Cell Lines

Cell Lines

Alfagen’ brands include a wide range of biological materials for research, including:

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  • Thousands continuous cell lines available by species, tissue/disease types, and signaling pathways
  • Tumor cell and molecular panels for cancer research, annotated with gene mutations and molecular profiles
  • Ethnic and gender diverse induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC) collections derived from normal/disease tissues, as well as adult human mesenchymal stem cells and mouse embryonic stem cells
  • Donor diverse normal human primary cells and hTERT immortalized cells
  • Dissociation and transfection reagents, classical media formulations and supplements, and sera
  • Microbial panels for research related to infectious disease, antibiotic-resistance, food and environmental testing, and population studies
  • Thousands bacterial strains useful in industry applications, assay development, quality control, and environmental studies
  • Thousands human and animal viruses isolated from various sources
  • Fungi and yeast representing Thousands species
  • Taxonomically diverse protists including, parasitic protozoa, and algae
  • Thousands genomic and synthetic nucleic acids, as well as certified reference materials
  • Over 500 microbial cultures recommended as quality control reference strains


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