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SMD-3040 intermediate-2-10 mg

10 mg

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SMD-3040 intermediate-2 is an intermediate in the synthesis of SMD-3040 (HY-156568). SMD-3040 contains SMARCA2/4 ligands, linker and VHL ligands and is a selective SMARCA2 degrader. MD-3040 can be used for ADC drug synthesis and has strong tumor growth inhibition in tumor xenograft models[1].–20°C, 3 years; 4°C, 2 years (Powder)-Applications–Formula-C21H28ClN3O2-Citation–References-[1]Yang L, Discovery of SMD-3040 as a Potent and Selective SMARCA2 PROTAC Degrader with Strong in vivo Antitumor Activity. J Med Chem. 2023 Jul 31.-CASNumber-2632308-00-8-MolecularWeight-389.92-Compound Purity-95.82-SMILES-N#CC1=CC=C(N2CC3(CC2C)CCN(CC3)C(OC(C)(C)C)=O)C=C1Cl-Research_Area-cancer-Solubility-10 mM in DMSO-Target-Others-Isoform–Pathway-Others-MCE Product type-ADC Related