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Insect cell line

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categories-Insect cell line-cryovial-organism-Fall armyworm-tissue-Ovary-disease–synonyms-SF9, sf9, SF-9, Sf-9, sf-9, Sf 9, Spodoptera frugiperda clone 9, Sf clone 9, IPLB-Sf-9AE, IPLB-SF-9AE, IPLB-SF-9, IPLB-Sf-9, IPLB-Sf9-age-Pupal stage-gender-Female-ethnicity–morphology-Round, attached, epitheloid-cellType–growth Properties-Monolayer, adherent-Sf9 (CLS catalog number 604328)-biosafety Level-1-cultureMedium-Medium for Sf9 cells is available from different suppliers. For example Spodopan (PAN Biotech) is recommended.-mediumSupplements-Addition of 2% FBS enhances proliferation. Use cold medium for medium exchanges or seeding of cells.-subculturing-Detachment of cells via a cell scraper is recommended. Collect the medium with detached cells after scraping in a 15ml centrifuge tube. Add about 5ml of medium to the flask and rinse the flask several times to collect any remaining cells and combine them with the rest of the cells in the tube. Centrifuge for 3 min at 300xg, remove the supernatant, resuspend the cells in fresh, cold medium and dispense into new flasks.-freezeMedium-CM-ACF (CLS catalog number 800650)