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Chymotrypsin-500 mg

500 mg

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Chymotrypsin (Chymotrypsin A) is a serine protease produced by the pancreas. Chymotrypsin cleaves protein chains at the carboxyl side of aromatic amino acids[1][2].–20°C-Applications-Metabolism-protein/nucleotide metabolism-Formula-N/A-Citation–References-[1]W.R. Terra, et al. 4.5 – Biochemistry of Digestion, Editor(s): Lawrence I. Gilbert, Comprehensive Molecular Insect Science, Elsevier, 2005, Pages 171-224.|[2]Steven W. Cotton. Chapter 33 – Evaluation of exocrine pancreatic function, Editor(s): William Clarke, Mark A. Marzinke, Contemporary Practice in Clinical Chemistry (Fourth Edition), Academic Press, 2020, Pages 573-585.-CASNumber-9004-07-3-MolecularWeight-N/A-Compound Purity-95.0-SMILES-[Chymotrypsin]-Research_Area-Others-Solubility-DMSO : 50 mg/mL (ultrasonic)-Target-Ser/Thr Protease-Isoform–Pathway-Metabolic Enzyme/Protease-MCE Product type-Enzyme