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AgAuSe-COOH (1000 nm) is a fluorescent quantum dot that emits fluorescence in the near-infrared II region, with an emission peak reaching 1000 nm. AgAuSe-COOH (1000 nm) has the advantages of narrow band gap, large Stokes shift, and good photostability. AgAuSe-COOH (1000 nm) can bind proteins, antibodies, peptides, PEG, etc., and can be widely used in the field of biological imaging.–Applications–Formula-N/A-Citation–References–CASNumber–MolecularWeight-N/A-Compound Purity–SMILES-[AgAuSe-COOH (1000 nm)]-Research_Area-Others-Solubility-10 mM in DMSO-Target-Fluorescent Dye-Isoform–Pathway-Others-MCE Product type-Dye Reagents