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NanoEnTek, represented by ALFAGEN, has an important Bio-MEMS technology, which is considered the most advanced technology of the 21st century, seamlessly combining biotechnology with Micro-electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS). To realize this technology, NanoEnTek’s work encompasses the manufacture and sale of life science laboratory equipment, in vitro diagnostic medical devices and related consumables and R&D solutions. The company has about 100 patents related to NT-IT-BT (nanotechnology-information technology-biotechnology) convergence technology in Korea and abroad. In particular, it has technology that combines processes in the laboratory on a microfluidic chip the size of a fingernail, making significant contributions to the fields of medical and life sciences engineering.

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NanoEnTek, represented by ALFAGEN; By combining plastic fluid chips and optical technology, Countess has launched the world’s first automatic cell counter, thus taking 30% of the global market share, thereby increasing user convenience in cell testing. NanoEnTek, which sold the patent and exclusive patent exercise rights of the gene transfection system (Microporator) to a major global company for 13 Million USD (19.6 billion KRW) in 2009, has once again proven its expertise in the field of NT-IT convergence. Additionally, it has successfully obtained USFDA (United States Food and Drug Administration) approval for a total of 6 products, including the first micro blood analyzer called ADAM-rWBC and Medical Devices (POCT) medical devices called FREND™ PSA Plus. With TSH, Free T4, Testosterone and Vitamin D, ALFAGEN focuses on further expansion in the Turkish market.

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