ALFAGEN, Your Long-Term Partner In Life-Science

A pioneer in the field of POCT (Point Of Care Testing)!

A pioneer in the field of POCT that owns the technology to develop and manufacture the world’s best microfluid chips. NanoEntek possesses a key piece of Bio-MEMS technology that seamlessly integrates biotechnology with Micro-electro Mechanical Systems(MEMS), which is heralded as the most advanced technology in the 21st century. To realize this technology, NanoEntek’s operation encompasses R&D, production, and sales of life-science lab equipment, in vitro diagnostic medical devices, and related consumables and solutions. Our company has about 100 patents related to NT-IT-BT (nanotechnology-information technology-biotechnology) convergence technology in Korea and abroad. In particular, we possess the technology for a key platform called lab-on-a-chip, which integrates laboratory processes on a microfluid chip that is the size of a finger nail, making significant contributions to the fields of medical and life science engineering.

Technological prowess recognized around the world!

With technological prowess that is recognized around the world, we are expanding our sales in the global market for life science and diagnostic products.

 By combining plastic fluid chips and optical technology, we launched the world’s first automated cell counter, Countess and thus acquired 30% of the global market share, revolutionizing user convenience in cell testing. We sold the patent and exclusive patent exercise rights of gene transfection system (Microporator) to a major global company for 13 million USD (19.6 billion KRW) in 2009, proving our prowess in the field of NT-BT convergence technology. In addition, we have successfully acquired USFDA (United States Food and Drug Administration) approval for a total of 6 products including the world’s first micro blood analyzer called ADAM-rWBC, Fluorescence CD34 Counter ADAM -CD34 and Point Of Care Testing (POCT) medical devices called FREND™ PSA Plus, TSH, Free T4, Testosterone, and Vitamin D, and now we are focusing on further expanding into the markets in the United States, Germany, and China. Notably, ADAM-rWBC has been selected as the standard equipment for blood quality control (QC) by American Red Cross, and we continue to move forward to achieve our mission to become the “Global Top Digital POCT Creator.”