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Cytion: Premier Cell Bank for Verified Human and Animal Cells

Cytion, evolving from CLS, upholds its reputation as a trusted cell bank. We specialize in high-quality, contamination-free cells from humans and animals, ensuring rigorous quality control and authentication. Renowned for reliability, our cell lines are the go-to choice for researchers needing genetically authentic samples. With Cytion, experience ease and confidence in sourcing authentic cell culture solutions.


High-Quality Human and Animal Cell Lines

Our diverse product range includes specialized cell lines from human and animals, versatile stem cells, high-purity DNA, and essential growth and freeze media. We also provide customized cell culture services. Each product is crafted to support a wide array of scientific research, ensuring you have access to top-quality resources for your studies.



Human Cells
Animal Cells
Stem Cells
Primary Cells

Excellence in Service is at the Core of Our DNA

Our customer-centric approach is at the core of our DNA, ensuring tailored solutions for both industry and academia.

For Commercial Customers
We acknowledge the financial challenges inherent in research. With this in mind, we offer manageable licensing fees to alleviate budget constraints in research, enabling global access to cell line technologies. Our approach makes cutting-edge resources affordable for commercial customers, fostering innovation without financial strain.

For Non-Profit Organizations
Empowering Innovation

Researchers' Favorites

Explore our diverse collection of over 1,000 high-quality human and animal cell lines. Each line is authenticated and certified contaminant-free, ensuring excellence in your research. Our portfolio accommodates a wide range of research needs, offering reliable, top-tier cell lines. Discover the ideal match for your scientific endeavors with us, where quality and reliability are guaranteed.