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Cleaver Scientific Ltd, represented by ALFAGEN, is an innovative leader in the design and manufacture of electrophoresis equipment-related products for the life sciences market and general plastics manufacturing and assembly.

In their business plans, they work to finalize the goals, objectives and measurements set throughout the studies. These goals are continually pursued to identify opportunities for improvement that will benefit Cleaver Scientific Ltd., researchers and other interested parties.

ALFAGEN and Cleaver Scientific Ltd are aware of the future contributions of research to their projects and comply with the requirements; It is considered an important part of a successful, long-term and productive partnership.

Via ALFAGEN from Cleaver Scientific;

  • Horizontal Gel Systems
  • Vertical Electrophoresis Systems
  • Clinical and Pharmaceutical Electrophoresis blot power supplies
  • Gel Documentation
  • UV Sterilization Cabinets
  • General Laboratory Products
  • Reagents and Chemicals
  • Life Studies Education
  • Radiation Safety
  • Glove Boxes
  • You can provide Fermentation and Bioprocess supply and service.

You can find detailed service information about ALFAGEN’s expert consultants Here.

The company manages its activities within the framework of the principles specified in ISO9001 and ISO14001, to which it is fully committed, in order to fulfill its commitments to you, the researchers, and to achieve the targeted service quality.

This commitment also includes not only meeting legal and other requirements for its customers, but also the effectiveness and continuous improvement of management systems. This vision, which is based on international bindings, is one of the biggest reasons for ALAFGEN to be the representative of the company.

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