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Cell Guidance Systems focuses on technologies to effectively deliver bioactive molecules for research, biomanufacturing, and therapeutic applications.

From our base in Cambridge, England, we develop therapeutic products as well as medical research tools and technologies that expand the possibilities of life sciences and medicine. Established in 2010, our growing success has been achieved by working closely with researchers to develop truly innovative products that address unmet medical and research needs. Many of our products are groundbreaking: Our leading protein delivery technology, PODS® (developed in the lab of Prof Hajime Mori, now at the Tokyo Institute of Technology) is overcoming stability issues of many proteins, offering new possibilities in research and hope for new therapies.

Our most innovative products include: 

  • PODS® – a depot technology which expands the flexibility and utility of proteins, such as growth factors
  • Products for exosome research – products to purify, assay and measure exosomes

We also produce and supply:

  • Growth factors – with over 400 to choose from including many in an animal-free format
  • Small molecules – for stem cell research
  • Matrigen Softwell® products (in Europe only) – reliable, defined surface elasticity for 2D cell culture

In addition, we offer the following services:

  • Karyotyping and array genomic hybridization – for monitoring genomic integrity 
  • Custom PODS® protein production
  • Exosome NTA assays

As well as providing reagents and research services, we are involved in several areas of therapeutic research based on PODS® technology. We are collaborating with researchers and companies in the UK, USA, Italy and Japan to develop therapeutics for a variety of diseases. More details and updates on our progress can be found in our technology and news pages.

We strive for the highest levels of service in all our interactions with customers and in our business dealings. The pursuit of quality drives everything we do, from the components we use, the manufacturing process and the final preparation and packaging of the product. We employ rigorous quality control to ensure products function effectively. We’re here to help you in your quest to discover the unknown, understand the complex, and heal the diseases and medical conditions that affect us all.

For detailed information, you can apply to ALFAGEN representatives or access the relevant catalog Here

Because most of the Cell Guidance Systems products that ALFAGEN offers to you, the researchers, are groundbreaking.

For example, ETS-embryo medium (developed in the lab of Prof Magdalena Zernicka-Goetz at the University of Cambridge) has allowed the production of “artificial embryos” from stem cells. Another of its technologies, PODS™ (developed in the lab of Prof Hajime Mori at the Kyoto Institute of Technology) overcomes the stability problems of many proteins, offering new possibilities in research and hope for new treatments.

We expect you, our esteemed researchers, to benefit from these opportunities that create awareness and sustainability.

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